Nice to meet you.  I'm Alex, the creator and designer behind Alexandrea Cantrell Events.  It all began after I planned my own wedding in 2014.  My husband and I got married at a place where you had to do everything- and I mean every. single. thing.  It was during this process that I found my love for designing unique and timeless events.  I graduated Lipscomb University with a bachelors in Art Therapy- which was basically a studio art major with a psychology minor.  I put the skills I learned from my studio classes to use all the time while creating events.  Whether it's creating a custom back drop for a client, putting together a table scape, or calming down a nervous bride, my eye for design, creativity, and calm spirit are some of my better qualities.  My husband and I live in the heart of Nashville with our son, Leo, our Old English Sheepdog, Opal, our Aussie Mix, Rosie, and our two cats, Moonie and Violet. 

I find inspiration all over the place.  It may be through music, or writing. It may be through a hike in the woods, a painting, a good book, or a texture I just happen to fall in love with. I see art everywhere, in everything, and in everyone.  I believe that events are works of art. 

Your event should reflect you.  It's easy  these days to get caught up in Pinterest trends, but let's try to avoid that.  In the end, it's my goal for the event we plan for you to be about YOU.  Let's work together to make something true to who you are and that will stand the test of time.